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Click herFrog spirit brings us into a deeper connection with our feelings, perspectives and our ability to purge negativity from our lives be that “dis-ease” spiritual, mental or physical.

Frog cannot endure a toxic environment and challenges you to release those emotions (like anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.) that hold you back. These outlooks show up in a person’s aura like dark splotches and, in turn, decrease our natural protective and intuitive abilities.e to edit subtitle




Julie F.
Satisfied Client
There's no doubt in my mind that Lindsey has found her calling. Whether it be working with a client one-on-one with NET, or working with a group on the vision board, Lindsey knows how to tap into your inner guidance system. Through NET, I have had moving experiences where Lindsey has brought forth memories from the past I had forgotten. These memories were significant in my healing. I am in awe of the power of NET and what a profound healing tool it has been for me. In fact, I have a teenage daughter that has also found NET to be an important part of healing her anxiety. Lindsey is a master in her craft of NET. She also has a gift in assisting people to create a vision board in manifest the kind of life you desire. I have created many vision boards in the past, but never creating one and applying NET to the vision board. It took my vision board to the next level! Great experience!

Amy H.
Satisfied Client
I am someone who likes to get to the heart of the matter, looking for solutions at the root level. Physical symptoms result from past emotional life stresses and traumas. I am fortunate to have discovered many wonderful holistic therapies on my healing journey. One of the most profound healing methods that I use is NET, Neuro Emotional Technique. As much as I think this “technique” is amazing, I must stress that the practitioner I see is profoundly gifted. I am immensely grateful to be working with Lindsey Sadowski. Lindsey is professional and highly skilled. She is gentle, supportive and very present while she guides me through through the process. I leave every session with new insight, releasing old patterns and energies that no longer serve me in my body, mind and spirit. As I release old emotional thought patterns, I am healing and getting closer to being at my center. It feels like I am coming home to "me." When we can be strong in our core, aligned with our beliefs, amazing healing occurs. This is where the real healing work takes place. My body, mind and spirit are so grateful to have found and to be working with Lindsey Sadowski.

David K.
Satisfied Client
NET is one of the most effective and powerful therapeutic approaches to releasing emotional and physical pain in the body and mind. In my experience each session of NET has helped to reveal the cause of the pain in my life by pin pointing the situation that brought that pain and why I have stored the suffering. This modality has changed the way I deal with pain allowing me to live a happier and healthier life by letting go of the past and understanding how to prevent myself from holding negative emotions. I recommend NET for everyone especially those who has felt loss in their lives or sorrow. Wellness is more then just physical, it is emotional wellness that helps keep the body and mind healthy.

Renee R.
Satisfied Client
I had not heard of NET prior to my experience with it. A friend recommended it to me to help me ground myself and deal with some anxiety I was having. I've been to several "traditional" therapists and psychologists through the years so figured this was just a different method. Wow! is it ever different! Lindsey was able to get to the root of my issues in no time and assist me in letting go of so much. There were issues buried within my muscles that I did not even consider as having a bearing on my life today. Lindsey allowed me to forgive myself. She helped me to let go of many things that occurred so very long ago, yet had an incredible hold on my here and now! I was able to feel good about my life, myself, and my future! I couldn't have done it without NET!

Carol S.
Satisfied Client
I was suffering from some back and neck issues that my massotherapist was having trouble releasing during my visits. She mentioned to me that some of my painful body issues may be much deeper and may be related to emotionally issues trapped in the body. She highly recommended Lindsey and I called and set up my first appointment. I had no idea what NET was or how it could help me, but I was willing to try anything that would enhance my life. On my first visit Lindsey explained to me exactly how she would work with me. She explained in detail the NET process and how she would use it and what the effects would be. It’s amazing how the subconscious mind can sabotage your life. Her professionalism and expertise was amazing. I was totally shocked at the results of only one visit. I have done years of therapy and never received the prompt response and relief that I experienced with Lindsey and NET. She brought out a level of understanding of how one can sabotage themselves from not only healing but moving forward in life. I have an entirely different outlook as to what I can face. I have tackled many lifelong issues and traumas in a way I never thought possible working with Lindsey. The last year working with Lindsey has proven to be a wonderful journey that turned out much different than I had anticipated along with experiencing exciting new personal growth. Your life will change in so many positive ways if you only learn to use the right tools. The NET process with Lindsey is amazingly, quick and a feeling of relief. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on improving yourself by removing negative blocks from your body and improving your health!!! NET WORKS!! Lindsey is a highly trained professional who is a pleasure to work with!

Nick J.
Satisfied Client
In experiencing hardships, we all find some that prove rather difficult to solve using our wisdom and past experience. Often times these difficulties can prove to be cause of something unresolved within our spirit and psyche. Through NET I myself was able to transition positively into a pivotal moment of my own life that met with much turmoil. The treatment proved successful, not because it magically gave answers that solved everything, but because it provided the tools that helped me to approach every moment more positively to shape my own world and mind in that direction. Not only have I been able to feel healthy mentally and physically again, but I have been doing even better than I was before by utilizing what I learned through NET to face new hardships that may arise in a more positive and healthy manner.

Kim J.
Satisfied Client
I’ve done a couple vision board classes with Lindsey, and have enjoyed each of them. I learn so much about myself and my purpose. It is great to look at them each day to see how things connect. They are great tools to help guide you toward your goals and / or your purpose in life. They should be somewhere that you can see them each day. One of mine helps to keep me on track with learning to eat better and honor my body. One of them helps keep me on track with organizing my home, decluttering, and keeping it clean, honoring my home. It’s amazing how good I feel when things are coming together within my home. NET is used in conjunction with the vision board to remove any blocks you may have. Either it is something you need to work on within yourself to help you move forward or it could possibly mean you are not meant to go down a certain path. I’ve learned so much with these processes and tools. There’s also been a very spiritual connection for me.

Betty A.
Satisfied Client

In 2013 I was filled with pain from head to toe. My first appointment at Sopchak Natural Health And Wellness, I was told I had a lot of emotional pain. I had never heard of emotional pain and I was positive I didn't have it. After listening to Doc S. talk about NET I gave it a try. That was the best decision I have ever made. I was having a difficult time getting over my son's passing. Little did I know my life's experience was holding me back from healing. I had stuffed fear, guilt and self hate,. Manifested into physical pain. Today I can proudly say.... I am a light worker. I am love. I am joy. My healing was able to start because of Lindsey. Her heart and compassion made me comfortable enough to keep going through my healing process.

Lisa M.

Satisfied Client
Lindsey is a talented and caring individual. Working with her has allowed me to release some emotions and negative beliefs while feeling very comfortable and cared for. Working on some rather negative aspects of your life can feel overwhelming, however, her approach is to guide you through this process in a space of trust and care while assisting you every step of the way. Lindsey has helped me with many issues in my life both big and small and I am a better person because of her and her expertise and her skills in NET.