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Click herFrog spirit brings us into a deeper connection with our feelings, perspectives and our ability to purge negativity from our lives be that “dis-ease” spiritual, mental or physical.

Frog cannot endure a toxic environment and challenges you to release those emotions (like anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.) that hold you back. These outlooks show up in a person’s aura like dark splotches and, in turn, decrease our natural protective and intuitive abilities.e to edit subtitle


Lindsey Sadowski
 Certified Athletic Trainer
   Kent State University B.S of Science 2007
 Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner 
 Level 2 Certified Neuro-Emotional Practitioner 2014

Lindsey Sadowski is a dedicated Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner and Certified Athletic Trainer who has earned the reputation as an advocate of change.

Since 12 years of age, Lindsey felt drawn to a career of serving people. Five years later at the age of 17, she endured a serious athletic injury and soon spiraled into a state of depression. Although she knew she would physically heal, her emotional turmoil seemed never ending. She vowed to devote her life to helping others heal through both physical and emotional trauma. She graduated from Kent State University and started her career in sports medicine as an athletic trainer. She was able to help her athletes heal from a physical standpoint, but knew she could help them heal emotionally as well. 

Quickly in her career Lindsey endured a life changing trauma with the death of two of her athletes, and she quickly found herself in an emotional downward spiral. She needed help but had no clue where to turn. She tried traditional counseling in the past but it seemed to only help her minimally. She wanted something different that was going to help her reach the core of her pain and that is when meditation came into her life. She worked with two Shamanic Therapists that gave her the tools to help her completely changed her outlook on life. Lindsey made the decision to walk away from the darkness and walk into her life purpose: to help others heal from emotional trauma and embrace their limitless potential.  

Lindsey furthered her education and became a Certified Neuro- Emotional Technique Practitioner (NET) in hopes of helping her patients heal not only physically but emotionally as well.   

A Cleveland native, Lindsey Sadowski currently facilitates Neuro Emotional Technique private sessions as well as, private, group, and business vision board classes utilizing Neuro Emotional Technique to empower others to pave the road to personal prosperity. Ultimately, she helps people remove all the no outlet signs in their lives so they can become their best versions of themselves. Lindsey also serves as a public speaker and most recently was featured with the top spiritual speakers in the world in the Celebrate Your Life- Speakers Series.  Lindsey is also a co-author in the international best selling book, The Grateful Soul, The Art and Practice of Gratitude.